Stop neo-facist hate! Rally in Buffalo, NY, 4/12--

There has been an increasing right-wing campaign of hate in the U.S., led by the so-called "Tea Party" movement.

I grew up as a white girl and young woman in the segregated South in the 1950s and 60s. I can tell you that the racist, anti-gay, and anti-woman language and actions of this neo-facist group is shockingly familiar to me from that violent era, when the powers-that-were, the ruling white elite, preached their supremacy.

Only mass action, led in even the smallest towns and rural counties by people from the Black community, ended segregation.

Public mass action is what is needed today to end the hateful scapegoating message of this current right-wing campaign, and to point to the corporations, banks, and system of profit that are actually responsible for the dire economic crisis casting so many people into fearful conditions.

Join the rally against neo-fascist hate in Buffalo, NY, tomorrow (4/12) sponsored by the International Action Center.

Leslie and I plan to drive over (hir health permitting) and hope to see and meet you there, with others in the area!

For info on place & time--
or Facebook the Buffalo Iac

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